PEXON have been operating for 11 years and we have made tens of thousands of cables. You can order with confidence, knowing that our cables are expertly made with only the highest quality components available. 

Our Team is small, very small, but nonetheless we work hard and are very motivated. The passion we have for our business drives us to distraction sometimes but, Pexon has many hundreds of loyal and repeat clients and we have made many new friends in the keyboard and PC community and B2B companies.

Let us introduce ourselves so you can get to know us and how we work.

James has an engineering and graphic design background. In 2012 James started making keyboard cables in his bedroon, making one cable at a time, selling it, buying parts, making another and so forth. With James' meticulas eye for detail and flair for innovation and quirkyness he moved from his bedroom; to the home garage and then to a purpose built workshop. Then the journey began. By 2014 Pexon was created.

Davina (James' Mum) joined James in 2014. Following a long career in Government, Davina gave up the public sector and together, with James, threw everything into the business. What a decision! but we knew that with hard work and a total commitment to our awesome customers we would make Pexon incredible.

Now, Davina looks after accounts, customer services, preparing cables, networking, controlling stock levels, shipping and other things no one else wants to do!! and keeps PEXON running like a well oiled machine. 

We may only be a small 2 person team, but we work together to ensure every order is made with love and care.