Not only do we have hundreds of paracord, Techflex and MDPC-X sleeving options for your cables, PEXON have access to a plethora of more exotic sleeving options to choose from!

See below for some examples and do not hesitate to get in touch if you see something you like the look of!


Genuine Copper sleeving. Can be applied to all audio and mechanical keyboard cables.

Techflex Copper comes in multiple sizes so we can use it in the creation of standard USB, LEMO, Patina or audiophile style cables.

As this is genuine copper, we can also apply our patina to it, see below!


Same sleeving as above, but with a unique twist.

Copper Techflex can have a heat blue applied to it to produce a totally unique and attractive finish. Expect blue, red, yellow, green and purple flecks and gradients.

Pair with a black, patina, blue'd (as shown) or case hardened LEMO for a totally individual cable no one else will have!


Super light weight, 100% coverage and natural texture. Techflex Carbon Fibre is a super unique cable sleeving.

Looks amazing with black LEMO, patina and blue'd connectors.

Can be applied to most keyboard, audio and USB cable applications.

Techflex Carbon Fibre has a natural texture, so expect a little bit of fluff, roughness and shape. Embrace the texture!


Our cotton sleeving is 100% natural and eco friendly. A gorgeous natural finish with a unique texture.

Cotton sleeving can be applied to all our mechanical keyboard cables. Goes great with factory silver, black Weipu and LEMO connectors. For a totally unique look, pair with blue'd, patina or case hardened connector. Pairs well with clear, white and grey shrink


The ultimate in exotic sleeving materials. Stainless steel sleeving has amazing coverage, heavy weight finish and strength.

Pair with factory silver LEMO connectors for a seemless, bling finish.

Can also be blue'd/ patina'd, see below!


As above but with a totally unique patina / blue style finish.

We heat treat the stainless steel sleeving to apply a hard or light blue-ing.

With a hard heat treat, expect massive gradients of blue, purple, gold and bronze.

With a light heat treat, expect a subtle blue-ing finish, more uniform with less contrast.

Please note, as this is a natural process, each cable will be totally different. Want more blue? More purple? We will endeavour to create a finish as close as possible to your specifications.


Mylar Techflex can add some sparkle and shine to your next mechanical keyboard cable.

Mylar is used as the middle layer to create this effetct.

We use MDPC-X Transparency as the base layer, Techflex Mylar as the middle layer and Techflex Clear PET on the top to create a wonderful, bright and shiny look.

Cables made in this style will shimmer and shine. Expect to see flecks of green, yellow, purple, blue and much, much more.

Please get in touch with us to see what cables this sleeving combo can be applied too as its not viable on every type of cable.

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