Here at PEXON PCs, we strive everyday to offer the best quality cables and customer service. We have built our business on our reputation for high quality products, advice and service.

We have hundreds of repeat customers who trust us to consistently deliver exceptional bespoke cables for many applications. 

We have worked for and continue to work with Overclockers UK, Cambridge University, MSI, Novatech, Scan, CoolerMaster, 8PACK, MDPC-X, Yale University and North Carolina Zoo. 


Why be boring?! Creativity is a massive part of what we do.

PEXON were the first to introduce detachable cable kits to the keyboard community with Aviator Connectors. We have now expanded these kits to offer LEMO and WEIPU too. Our range of base sleeving and double sleeving options means we have a whopping 11760 different colour variations for keyboard cables.

We are consistently testing and challenging ourselves to add new and original items and we are spurred on because we have fantastic clients and friends who choose some amazing colour shcemes.. 


PEXON have been operating for 9 years and we have made tens of thousands of cables. You can order with confidence, knowing that our cables are expertly made with only the highest quality components available. 

James with his technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail makes and tests every cable that is produced at our Workshop.

Davina looks after accounts, customer services, packing and keeps PEXON  running like a well oiled machine. 

Charlotte helps the day to day running, preparing cables, making keyboard sleeves, networking and controlling stock levels.

We may only be a small 3 person team, but we work together to ensure every order is made with love and care. 


We offer a huge range of custom cables, more than any other in the keyboard community. PEXON are the only cable maker to offer full replacement cables for REALFORCE AND FILCO keyboards. We can make cables for most applications.

If we don't have the item on our webstore, we can more than likely make it for you. We work with many amazing clients to create a perfect cable for them. We hope now, we can make a sensational cable for you too. 

To discuss any of your needs, do not hesitate to contact us at info@pexonpcs.co.uk