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These are just estimated prices. The final price is quoted and sent to you before you order

Note, certain lighter colours can be very difficult to correctly apply and require scrupulous and thorough prep work, please contact us before hand if you require bright whites, light yellows, oranges etc 

We can apply gradient, splatter and FX to any finish be it with 2,3 or 4 colours.

Stencil work, logos and more advanced finishes can rack up the man hours, we are more than happy to take on super custom work, please contact us for a quote if you have something special you’d like to discuss with us. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s your project and you decide what colours you desire! Be bold, be wild! 
All custom cerakote work has a minimum charge of £50, this is to cover set up, cleaning, prep, sand blasting and materials


Cerakote is a ceramic coating applied using a HVLP Spray gun. Once applied correctly Cerakote is a hard wearing, smooth finish that will last longer and stand up better than anodising, spray paint and powder coat. 

The process is as follows 
 First, parts are placed in a bath of acetone to degrease 
 Parts are hung, racked and flashed off at ambient for the solvents to evaporate 
 We sand blast each part so the Cerakote has a good base to adhere too
 Parts are baked out in an oven to for contamination or oils, if present, we repeat steps 1-3
 Cerakote is applied under pressure from a HVLP gun, flashed off at ambient and baked to ensure a good chemical reaction to adhere to the material
 Parts are ready to ship after quality control, once cooled

We endeavour to achieve a flawless finish, Cerakote is applied by hand by humans so there may be small imperfections. We have high standards so anything we don’t see as perfect, parts will be stripped and redone. On larger pieces, inside cases etc, very small imperfections may be evident in hard to reach places. 

Imperfections on the piece sent can’t always be covered up. We can’t cover up or sand blast off large, deep scratches, dents etc with Cerakote 

We guarantee ZERO dry spray. Dry spray has a rough feel like sand paper. This is not acceptable as the finish stands out and is not chemically sound. Cerakote, once applied correctly is smooth with little texture, roughness or high spots 

Dry spray means the chemical reaction that makes Cerakote’s finish so strong and attractive isn’t 100% perfect. We guarantee no dry spray on all ‘show side’ / visible surfaces 
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