A little bit confused about the order process? Don't worry, read on and we'll get you up to speed with the terminology, drop down menus and options!

This guide applies to all standard USB, LEMO, Aviator and Weipu cables


    First off, we need to decide on the length. From the drop down menu, you will see the options for length, ranging from 1ft to 10ft. This is the finished length of the cable.

    If you select a coil, the coil is included in the final length. For example, you want a LEMO cable, 10ft in length and an 8" coil on the keyboard side; the final length of the cable will be 10ft including the coil and LEMO connectors.


    Next up, we need to decide on the connector your keyboard uses. Most modern mechanical keyboards use USB C. Some boards still use Mini USB or Micro USB. If you are unsure, do not hesitate contacting us to help confirm.

    We also offer Realforce and Filco as keyboard connectors.

    Realforce MK1 fits the original (large forehead) TKL and fullsize boards.

    Realforce Mk2 fits the current model R2 TKL, Fullsize and RGB boards.

    Filco fits the Majestouch TKL and fullsize.

    If you have a Realforce or Filco numpad, no worries, simply pop a note in the order comments and we will ensure that it fits!


    Next we need to decide on the base colour of your cable. This is quite an important step as it will dictate the overall look of the cable.

    Lighter colours will make the cable brighter, darker colours will mute any double sleeving you'd like to apply.

    For coiled cables, we recommend using 550 (Made in the USA Paracord) as the base layer and either Techflex (Made in the USA) or MDPC-X (Made in Germany) as the double sleeving layer.

    Matching the base layer 550 paracord with the double sleeving, such as 550 Black with MDPC-X Blackest Black is always a good idea, it makes the colour deep and solid.

    For lighter colours, such as 550 Arctic White, you can always go for something totally different, such as Techflex Carbon, MDPC-X Transparency or MDPC-X Liquid Carbon.

    Check the link below to see examples of colour options.


    This is where we can get unique and interesting. Double sleeving adds depth, contrast or a completely unique finish.

    Double sleeving is recommended on coiled cables as it adds rigidity to the coil, both MDPC-X and Techflex are great for this.

    With double sleeving you have two routes you can take; match the base layer and double sleeving (black on black, white on white etc) or go with something contrasting (red base/ clear on top, green base/ carbon on top etc). These are just examples.

    If you are unsure of what to pick, what different sleeving options do or want to get a feel of how differnt colours work with different double sleeving, check the link below!


    A pretty simple step, but it can drastically change the way your cable looks and can really make it come to life!

    Most people tend to go for something simple and neat; black or white, a great choice for most cables, matches most boards and keycap sets.

    Matching the base / double sleeving layers and shrink colour is a great choice if you want a super clean finish.

    Going for a contrasting shrink finish can really add something different. An all white cable with black shrink can create a class, monochrome look. Blue shrink on a red cable can match keycap sets. Go wild, or don't the choice is up to you!

    Check the link below to see how shrink tubing looks and changes the feel of your custom cable.


    Now its time to really add a bit of spark and make your dream mechanical keyboard look its best!

    We can add a coil to any of our custom keyboard cables and suit your desk set up.

    Most keyboards have their USB port on the left or centre, with this in mind we've added a variety of different coil options.

    Z shape coils- out of the keyboard, to the left or right then out in a 'z' shape

    Left exit to straight- out of the keyboard, to the left, into a straight finish.

    Right exit to straight- out of the keyboard, to the right, into a straight finish.

    Straight- a simple, straight out of the keyboard into a straight finish.

    The length of the coil is totally up to you! Most people go for a standard 6 inch coil. Longer coils look best with boards that have their USB port on the left or right, with a 'z' shape coil in the oposite direction. Boards with a centre exit, smaller coils look best. Bigger board, bigger coil. Smaller board, smaller coil. Keep everything in perspective :)

    To get your head round what would work best for your desk set up, check the link below for examples of how different coils look in the flesh.



FRET NOT! We're here for you every single step of the way! The best way for us to talk to you is via discord, check the button below.

On discord we can discuss the best options to suit your set up and match your board and caps. Together, we can choose the best coil options, connectors and even show you photo examples of colour options and double sleeving.

Lets discuss your next, end game cable <3