You can be assured that when you send in your items for Cerakote, they are in safe hands. James here at PEXON is a fully Certified Cerakote Applicator and has completed the training course at Cerakote's UK HQ.

We have the expertise and knowledge needed. Cerakote is not paint, its not powder coat and thus, requires application from a professional. Whatever your project, whatever the quantity, you can rely on PEXON bringing your project to life.


Cerakote®is the world leader in thin film ceramic coating technology. When applied by a certified applicator, Cerakote is an extremely hard wearing finish, thinner than paint, powder coat and other 'thin' film finishes.

Cerakote can be applied to almost any surface (metals, polymers, plastics, carbon fibre, wood, glass etc) and when fully cured is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, bending, general wear and tear and improves the strength and durability of the item coated.


    Cerakote can be applied in multiple layers, we can apply a gradient in any variation of colours, angles or positions. Perfect to break up flat surfaces or add some flair to your project! Can be applied to any part, big or small!


    A classic, flat finish, no splashes, gradients or stencil work. A flat finish is best for smaller, flat poa to keep the finish classy and sleek. Can be applied to any part in any series (H, E, C series etc).


    Galaxy effects can be added to any part, however, its best on small / medium pieces to show off the intricacies and delicate transitions. Best on a darker base, choose your galaxy colours (3-4 are best, too many colours can get too busy), then add stars in white to make it POP!


    Splatter effects can be added to any finish, best to go with a contrasting colour, i.e. black splatter on white base, or vice versa to really show off the effect. Splatters can be done in one, two or multiple colours, this will add a small amount of texture to the part.


    GO WILD! Can be added alongside or on top of any other effect. A really exciting, abstract finish that really makes your project stand out! Choose any colour for the splash OR add multiple colours to get really interesting effects.


    Cerakote FX adds colour shift, gloss and sparkle to your project. Choose from 9 FX shades from blues, greens, reds and golds. Best over a flat black base as it really shows off the colour shift effect. Perfect for smaller projects to add something truly unique!


    Cerakote can be applied to any metal substrate, even titanium! Cerakote is an ultra thin film finish, so even on the most intricate items, machining marks and engravings will not be covered up. Powder coating will add too much material and will cover up subtle engravings. Even on the smallest items, Cerakote will add protection, amazing depth of colour and chemcial / scratch / stress resistance!

    Think PC parts, keyboards, car parts, bike / motorbike parts, guns, BB guns, workshop equipment, pens, microphones, literally ANYTHING!


    Cerakote can even be applied to plastics, polymers, carbon fibre and composite materials, this is a game changer. Any application method, effect or colour can be applied to otherwise impossible substrates; this opens up a world of possibilities!

    Apply Cerakote to a gameboy, plastic panel, carbon car parts, household appliances, EDC gear, phone case, the possibilites are well and truly endless!!!!


    The possibilities are endless when it comes to Cerakote, it can be applied to almost anything, even fibre glass and carbon composites. Due to the low temperature curing of the H-series, Cerakote can be applied and cured at temps as low as 60 degrees celsius; this means carbon, polymers and bonded parts can be Cerakoted, an absolute game changer! Add chemical and wear resistance to your high end gear and #FINISHSTRONG!

    Think bows, carbon car parts, wood stocks on guns, furniture, boat parts, furniture, household products, get in touch and see if YOUR part is possible!!!