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0.75mm² Custom Wire Slim White (1m length)

0.75mm² Custom Wire Slim White (1m length)

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EXCEPTIONAL High quality 0.75mm² cross sectional copper wire with a slim outer insulation. Specifically sourced for SATA 'push in' style connectors, daisy chaining fat 4 pin 'MOLEX' connectors and PSU cables. We recommend 18AWG for all 24 pin, EPS and PCI-e cables, found here

Our slim wire was sourced with no writing, printing or any other marking along its entire length, so no bleed through your sleeving, no dark and light spots, just perfect sleeving application. 

Slim wire still crimps perfectly well with the MDPC-X Crimping tool (, easy to remove with the MOLEX pin removal tool and is easily trained. It may take a little extra work due to the small OD to sleeve, but finished cables are slim and easy to train. 

We recommend using white wire for lighter reds, greens, yellow and orange to make them POP

This wire is slimmer than standard so will require a little extra patience to sleeve perfectly tight, stick with it and you will create beatiful cables that hold their shape better than any other sleeving!

Sold by the metre. For larger quantities, please contact us

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