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16 Pin PCI-e Extension (8+8)

16 Pin PCI-e Extension (8+8)

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Our fully Modular PSU cables are made by hand here in the UK using the highest quality connectors, crimps and sleeving. 

We use slim OD, 17AWG cable, this enables the MDPC-X Sleeving to be pulled nice and tight whilst remaining slim. This allows the superior properties of MDPC-X and its shape holding abilities to shine! 

Black plastic connectors are standard, along side genuine MOLEX crimps for unparalleled strength and reliable connection.

We DO NOT crimp OVER the sleeving. Chinese factory made cables do this and its not safe and reliable. We crimp the wire and apply sleeving over the top; the sleeving is melted over the end of the crimp for full insulation, strong connections that won't break or have the sleeving pop out. 

  • PEXON supply the entire range of MDPC-X sleeving. For real world reference photos, check out our MDPC-X range
  • Want to make your pattern? Check the Custom PSU cable prototyper! Need a hand with this? No problem, reach out to us via email ( or hit us on our discord and we can walk you through the options
  • Need a hand with the terminology, order process and jargon? Fret not, we've made a comprehensive guide on How to Order PSU cables
  • We've made thousands of PSU cables over the years, want some inspiration? Take a look at some of our recent favourites 

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