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The absolute END GAME in mechanical keyboard cables!

Our case hardened, detachable, mechanical keyboard cables are inspired by the Case Hardened skins in a certain, well known FPS... CS:GO! 

Our case hardened GENUINE LEMO are made using a mix of the previous finishes. First, we blue the connectors, apply a very light oil quench and then slowly and methodically sand back the finish to reveal hints of the base brass housing material. Great for most set ups and patina'd boards.

Expect blue, purple, gold and green base colours with a high contrast silver, bronze and brass finish on the top. Case hardened finishes can pretty unpredictable due to the multiple processes, this makes it super exciting, each one is totally unique! Embrace the natural creativity!

    Choose your keyboard connector:

    • Mini USB 
    • Micro USB 
    • USB C 
    • Filco Majestouch TKL
    • Filco Majestouch Fullsize
    • Filco Majestouch Numpad
    • Realforce R1 TKL
    • Realforce R1 Fullsize 
    • Realforce R2 / RGB TKL 
    • Realforce R2 / RGB Fullsize

    All cables come as standard with USB A on the host side to connect to your PC, laptop etc. USB C is available as the host side connector, however, we cannot guarantee flawless compatibility with Apple / mac products, thus, no refunds will be possible using USBC with Apple / mac products. 

    These cables cannot be coiled. The standard device (keyboard side) connector is 6 inches / 150mm / 15cm, but as always, these cables are made by hand and are completely bespoke, so if you want a longer or shorter device side, not a problem! Just pop a note in the order comments and we will make it go down! 

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