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LEMO 1W Cerakote E-100 Elite Blackout

LEMO 1W Cerakote E-100 Elite Blackout

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A proper showstopper. Blacked out special LEMO 1W 

  • 6ft in length 
  • USB A to USB C with CNC connectors Cerakoted in E-100 Elite Blackout 
  • 1W Weatherproof LEMO connectors Cerakoted in E-100 Elite Blackout 
  • No visible heatshrink 
  • MDPC-X Blackest Black (small) base sleeving with MDPC-X Blackest Black (micro) double sleeving 

This really is a thing of beauty. Ultra blackout with lovely, smooth Cerakote E-100 (THE ultimate hard wearing Cerakote)!!!!

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