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SFF 8 pin PCI-e Cable

SFF 8 pin PCI-e Cable

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SFX / SFF 8 pin EPS cable. 

Choose your length, wire colour and PSU model. 

Made by hand in the UK using slim OD 18AWG wire, genuine Molex crimps and connectors. 

Choose from white, black, grey or silver wire. 

All 'double' or 'sense' wires are crimped on the device side, not the PSU end to, for the neatest possible finish. No unsightly breaks or splits mid cable. 

PRO TIP: heat up the cables, gently, with a heat-gun or hairdryer to make them more pliable and bend them into shape. Much easier than the standard 'training' method and it saves you rubbing your finger prints off! :D 

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