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We are happy to now provide fully bespoke, tailor made cables for the Thor Zone Mjolnir case! 

These cables are specifically designed for the 'Type 1' flipped PSU orientation for Corsair TYPE 4/ SFX units. These include the SF450, SF600 & SF750 only.

As standard, we use our super slim, custom wire (no printing) in either black or white. We can also make these cables in the awesome MDPC-X 17AWG Clear sheathed cable. 

Want to go that extra step? We can sleeve them in MDPC-X, in any pattern and colour you desire. This steps adds a bit of extra work, so there is an additional cost with the MDPC-X sleeved cables. 

We do not apply combs to these cables as the natural curve and bespoke lengths make for a super natural, flowing set of cables. 

Our kits include: 

  • Tailor made length 24 pin cable 
  • Tailor made length 8 pin EPS cable
  • 2x GPU cables (any combination of 6 or 8 pin cables). Contact us for lengths etc
  • 1x Molex cable
  • 1x SATA power cable 

The kits as standard are made with our slim 18AWG wire. Choose from black or white. 

Optional extras include:

  • MDPC-X 17AWG Silver / Clear wire (+£10)
  • 17AWG wire with MDPC-X sleeving (+£30)

If you require a more bespoke set, please contact us for the options, we can work with you to create the perfect set of cables. 

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