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We are super proud to finally add USB C CNC connectors to our massive arsenal of custom cables.

Don't see the options for something you are looking for? No worries, send us an email or Discord message and we will male something super dope for you 

Choose your keyboard termination, length, base colour, double sleeving, coil & orientation, shrink tubing and add detachable connectors if that's your style! 

We can provide a plethora of different finishes (check the dropdown menus), including: 

  • Factory Silver
  • Blue'd 
  • Cerakote 
  • Oil Quench 
  • Case Hardened 

    All cables come as standard with USB A on the host side to connect to your PC, laptop etc. USB C is available as the host side connector, however, we cannot guarantee flawless compatibility with Apple / mac products, thus, no refunds will be possible using USB C with Apple / mac products. 

    If you choose to not apply a coil to a detachable kit, the standard device side will be around 6". If you prefer a shorter or longer device side, not a problem! As our cables are all made by hand to your specifications, we can make them exactly how you want. Just pop a note in the order comments that you prefer a certain length. 

    If you choose to add a coil, as standard, coils are applied to the device side cable (side that plugs into your board). If you prefer the coil to be on the host side cable (side that plugs in to your PC, laptop), again, not a problem, just make a note in the order comments and we will make it happen! 

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